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Battle of Classic Video games - The Final Battle of Video games bracket

(Click on the links in the bracket for more details.)

Round 1
Round 2
Quarter Final
Semi Final
Game 1 Details
Game 17 Details
Game 2 Details
Game 25 Details
Tecmo Bowl
 (8)Space Invader
Game 3 Details
(25)Double Dragon
 Space Invader
Game 18 Details
Tecmo Bowl
Game 29 Details
Mortal Combat
Game 4 Details
(24)Tecmo Bowl
Game 5 Details
(29)Battle City
Game 19 Details
Mortal Combat
Game 31 Details
Game 6 Details
(20)Mortal Combat
 Mortal Combat
Game 26 Details
Duck Hunt
Game 7 Details
(28)Duck Hunt
 Duck Hunt
Game 20 Details
Missle Command
 (12)Missle Command
Game 8 Details
(21)Bomber Man
Game 9 Details
(30)NBA Jam
Game 21 Details
Burger Time
Game 10 Details
(19)Burger Time
Game 27 Details
Game 11 Details
(27)Street Fighter III
Game 22 Details
Game 30 Details
Game 12 Details
Game 13 Details
(31)Baseball Star
Game 23 Details
Donkey Kong Jr.
 (15)Donkey Kong Jr.
Game 14 Details
Game 28 Details
Game 15 Details
(26)Blade of Steel
Game 24 Details
Mike Tyson Punch out
 (10)Dig Dug
Game 16 Details
(23)Mike Tyson Punch out


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