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Smackdown Vs Raw 2006 Gold Rush

Location: LA, California

(Click on the links in the bracket for more details.)

 (1)Big Daddy John
Game 1 Details
(9)The Rock
 Big Daddy John
Game 17 Details
MC Pat Ultimate
 (32)Bret Hart
Game 2 Details
(16)MC Pat Ultimate
 Big Daddy John
Game 25 Details
The Crackster
 (2)Stu Jackson
Game 3 Details
(10)Richie Hart
 Richie Hart
Game 18 Details
The Crackster
 Big Daddy John
Game 29 Details
Shaun Mills
 (30)Big Show
Game 4 Details
(14)The Crackster
 (3)Shaun Mills
Game 5 Details
 Shaun Mills
Game 19 Details
 Shaun Mills
Game 31 Details
Yin Yang
 (28)Eddie Guererro
Game 6 Details
 Shaun Mills
Game 26 Details
Razor Sharp
 (4)Bryan Fury
Game 7 Details
(13)Daemon Burns
 Daemon Burns
Game 20 Details
Razor Sharp
 (26)Ric Flair
Game 8 Details
(15)Razor Sharp
Game 9 Details
(17)Charlton Chimera
Game 21 Details
Game 10 Details
(19)Thomas McFlyer
Game 27 Details
Yin Yang
 (6)Charles Saviour
Game 11 Details
(21)Ronald Jefferson
 Charles Saviour
Game 22 Details
Yin Yang
 Yin Yang
Game 30 Details
Jonathan Case
 (22)Yin Yang
Game 12 Details
(23)Triple H
 (7)Steven Caulfield
Game 13 Details
(25)Shawn Michaels
 Steven Caulfield
Game 23 Details
Jonathan Amazonio
 (20)Jonathan Amazonio
Game 14 Details
(27)John Cena
 Jonathan Amazonio
Game 28 Details
Jonathan Case
 (8)Jonathan Case
Game 15 Details
(29)The Undertaker
 Jonathan Case
Game 24 Details
Adam Caulfield
 (18)Adam Caulfield
Game 16 Details
(31)Stone Cold


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