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Catholic Theologian-Educators Madness

Location: Planet Earth

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Catholic Educator March Madness!
Catholic Educator March Madness!
 (1)Paul of Tarsus
Game 1 Details
(16)Francis de Sales
 (2)Augustine of Hippo
Game 5 Details
(15)Gregory the Great
 Paul of Tarsus
Gm 9: 3/22/07 1am
 Augustine of Hippo
Gm 11: 3/22/07 1am
Teresa of Avila
 Paul of Tarsus
Gm 13: 3/24/07 1am
 Winner of 13
Gm 15: 3/26/07 1am
at: Supernatural Dom
Winner of 14
 Augustine of Hippo
Gm 14: 3/24/07 1am
Thomas Aquinas
Game 2 Details
 (7)Teresa of Avila
Game 6 Details
(13)Bernard of Clairvaux
 (9)Therese de Lisieux
Game 3 Details
Game 7 Details
(11)Peter Abelard
Gm 10: 3/22/07 1am
Catherine of Siena
Gm 12: 3/22/07 1am
Thomas Aquinas
 (5)Catherine of Siena
Game 4 Details
(4)Ignatius of Loyola
 (3)Thomas Aquinas
Game 8 Details
(8)John of the Cross


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