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The N.C. Double Scoop

Organization: Tomato Nation and The Grub Report
Publisher: http://tomatonation.com

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 (1)cookie dough
Game 1 Details
(16)red bean
Game 17 Details
 cookie dough
Game 33 Details
black raspberry/Oregon blackberry
Game 41 Details
 cookie dough
Game 49 Details
butter pecan
Game 53 Details
 (8)AmeriCone Dream
Game 2 Details
(9)black raspberry/Oregon blackberry
 (8)Rainforest Crunch
Game 18 Details
 (5)butter pecan
Game 3 Details
(12)orange sherbet
 (5)lime sherbet
Game 19 Details
 butter pecan
Game 34 Details
 lime sherbet
Game 42 Details
 (4)tin roof
Game 4 Details
Game 20 Details
(13)bubble gum
 cookie dough
Game 57 Details
Game 59 Details
peanut butter and chocolate
 (6)Chunky Monkey
Game 5 Details
(11)Java Chip
 (6)Rocky Road/heavenly hash
Game 21 Details
(11)ginger (snap)
 Java Chip
Game 35 Details
salted caramel
 Rocky Road/heavenly hash
Game 43 Details
peanut butter and chocolate
 salted caramel
Game 50 Details
 peanut butter and chocolate
Game 54 Details
dulce de leche
 (3)salted caramel
Game 6 Details
(14)Mexican chocolate
 (3)peanut butter and chocolate
Game 22 Details
(14)tutti frutti
 (7)French vanilla
Game 7 Details
 (7)dulce de leche
Game 23 Details
 French vanilla
Game 36 Details
 dulce de leche
Game 44 Details
chocolate chocolate chip
Game 8 Details
(15)green tea
 (2)chocolate chocolate chip
Game 24 Details
(15)honey lavender
 cookie dough
Game 61 Details
mint chocolate chip
 mint chocolate chip
Game 63 Details
Game 62 Details
 (1)cookies and cream
Game 9 Details
Game 25 Details
(16)olive oil
 cookies and cream
Game 37 Details
fudge ripple
Game 45 Details
Irish cream
 cookies and cream
Game 51 Details
Heath Bar Crunch
Game 55 Details
Chubby Hubby
 (8)Phish Food
Game 10 Details
(9)fudge ripple
 (8)Irish cream
Game 26 Details
(9)Gold Medal Ribbon
 (5)black walnut
Game 11 Details
(12)sticky toffee pudding
 (5)Chubby Hubby
Game 27 Details
 sticky toffee pudding
Game 38 Details
Heath Bar Crunch
 Chubby Hubby
Game 46 Details
raspberry sherbet
 (4)Heath Bar Crunch
Game 12 Details
 (4)raspberry sherbet
Game 28 Details
(13)rum raisin
 cookies and cream
Game 58 Details
mint chocolate chip
Game 60 Details
peanut butter cup
 (6)toasted almond
Game 13 Details
(11)Key lime pie
 (6)butter brickle
Game 29 Details
 Key lime pie
Game 39 Details
mint chocolate chip
Game 47 Details
peanut butter cup
 mint chocolate chip
Game 52 Details
chocolate chip
 peanut butter cup
Game 56 Details
 (3)mint chocolate chip
Game 14 Details
 (3)peanut butter cup
Game 30 Details
 (7)chocolate chip
Game 15 Details
 (7)grasshopper pie/Thin Mint
Game 31 Details
(10)Cherry Garcia
 chocolate chip
Game 40 Details
rainbow sherbet
 grasshopper pie/Thin Mint
Game 48 Details
 (2)rainbow sherbet
Game 16 Details
(15)roasted banana
Game 32 Details
(15)black cherry


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