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Own Jayson - Wrestleview Tournament

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Round 1!
Round 2!
 (1)Chris Jericho
Game 1 Details
(32)Juventud Guerrero
 Chris Jericho
Game 17 Details
Shawn Michaels
 (16)Drake Younger
Game 2 Details
(17)Shawn Michaels
 Chris Jericho
Game 25 Details
John Cena
 (8)Austin Aries
Game 3 Details
(25)Evan Bourne
 Austin Aries
Game 18 Details
John Cena
 Winner of 25
Game 29 Details
Winner of 26
 (9)John Cena
Game 4 Details
 (4)Ultimo Guerrero
Game 5 Details
 Ultimo Guerrero
Game 19 Details
CM Punk
 Winner of 29
Game 31 Details
Winner of 30
 (13)CM Punk
Game 6 Details
(20)Colt Cabana
 CM Punk
Game 26 Details
Game 7 Details
(28)Hiroshi Tanahashi
Game 20 Details
Game 8 Details
 (3)Kurt Angle
Game 9 Details
 Kurt Angle
Game 21 Details
Triple H
 (14)Christopher Daniels
Game 10 Details
(19)Triple H
 Kurt Angle
Game 27 Details
 (6)Shinsuke Nakamura
Game 11 Details
Game 22 Details
Samoa Joe
 Winner of 27
Game 30 Details
Winner of 28
 (11)Samoa Joe
Game 12 Details
(22)Jack Swagger
 (2)AJ Styles
Game 13 Details
(31)Teddy Hart
 AJ Styles
Game 23 Details
Jushin Liger
 (15)Dr. Wagner Jr.
Game 14 Details
(18)Jushin Liger
 AJ Styles
Game 28 Details
Randy Orton
 (7)Randy Orton
Game 15 Details
(26)Davey Richards
 Randy Orton
Game 24 Details
Game 16 Details
(23)Paul London


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