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Douche Off

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 (1)Jeff Hill
Game 1 Details
(4)Danny Girard
 (1)Chuck Beer
Game 5 Details
(4)Scott Summers
 Winner of 1
Game 9 Details
Winner of 2
 Winner of 5
Game 11 Details
Winner of 6
 Winner of 9
Game 13 Details
Winner of 10
 Winner of 13
Game 15 Details
Winner of 14
 Winner of 11
Game 14 Details
Winner of 12
 (2)Jaimito BigTex Esquivel
Game 2 Details
(3)Spencer Colony
 (3)Phil Horn
Game 6 Details
(2)Stephen Bill Lowery
 (2)Morgan Fogarty
Game 3 Details
(3)Ryan Norman
 (2)Sam Lee
Game 7 Details
(3)Dan Griffith
 Winner of 3
Game 10 Details
Winner of 4
 Winner of 7
Game 12 Details
Winner of 8
 (4)Garret "Gippeto" Lomelli
Game 4 Details
(1)Andrew Kroeger
 (4)Nick Christensen
Game 8 Details
(1)Evan Bumann


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