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AOH DIV 6 Second Annual one Pitch Tournament - AOH DIV 6 Second Annual one Pitch tournament

Location: Mitchell Playground Philadelphia, Pa
Organization: AOH DIV 6
Publisher: aoh

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Winners Bracket

Gm 1: 4/2/11 8:57am
at: Pool Field 5 innings
Rally Killers
 Winner of 1
Gm 7: 4/2/11 11:15am
at: top field 6 innings
Winner of 2
 Winner of 7
Gm 11: 4/2/11 1pm
at: Pool Field 7 innings
Winner of 8
 Team Hutz
Gm 2: 4/2/11 8:57am
at: Top Field 5 innings
Div 61
 Winner of 11
Gm 14: 4/2/11 2:53pm
at: TBD BY UNDEFEATED TEAM One 9 inning game
Winner of 13
Gm 3: 4/2/11 9:39am
at: Pool Field 5 innings
Bucks County Emergency Services
 Winner of 3
Gm 8: 4/2/11 11:15am
at: Pool Field 6 innings
Winner of 4
 Team Sugar
Gm 4: 4/2/11 9:39am
at: TOP field 5 innings

Losers (1-Loss) Bracket

 Loser of 1
Gm 5: 4/2/11 10:30am
at: Top Field 5 innings
Loser of 2
 Loser of 11
Gm 13: 4/2/11 1:50pm
at: TBD rock paper scissors 6 innings
Winner of 12
 Winner of 5
Gm 9: 4/2/11 12:05pm
at: Top Field 5 innings
Loser of 8
 Winner of 9
Gm 12: 4/2/11 12:55pm
at: top field 5 innings
Winner of 10
 Loser of 7
Gm 10: 4/2/11 12:05pm
at: Pool Field 5 innings
Winner of 6
 Loser of 3
Gm 6: 4/2/11 10:35am
at: Pool Field 5 innings
Loser of 4

The second annual AOH DIV 6 one pitch softball tournament will be April 2, 2011 at Mitchell Playground Morrell Avenue & CROWN
Philadelphia, PA 19116. Rain Date will be April 9th. I will need a $75 deposit from all teams to lock in your spot by March 10th. Please make all checks payable to AOH DIV 6. Please
Mail checks made payable to AOH DIV 6 to-
Robert Williams
7952 Ferndale St
Phila Pa 1911

The tournament will start at 857 am. Please have your guys there warmed up and ready to play at 857am. The second set of games will start at 939 am. The tournament will consist of 8 teams in a double elimination one pitch tournament. The first 3 rounds will be 5 innings games with later rounds being 6, 7 and 9 inning games. The final game will be one 9 inning game. This is a fundraiser for AOH DIV 6. There will be a 250 entry fee per team. The pitching will be 6-12 arc using Dudley S b12 balls with wood bats. If a team is in an aluminum bat league wood bats will be provided by the tournament. Any type of wood softball bat is allowed. Runners will be allowed to move as soon as the ball crosses the plate. A strike mat will be used to determine balls and strike. Regular ASA rules apply. This is probably the first time out for everyone and I dont want to have anyone hurt. Courtesy runners will be the last batted out. Also since this is the first time out teams can bat as many players as they want during the tournament.
Rock Paper Scissors will determine Home and away for games one thru 13. Field location will be determined by RPS for game 13. The winners bracket winner will determine field location and will be home team for the final game.

The teams and coaches are as follows

AOH DIV 6 Team coached by Brian Gallagher
AOH DIV 6 Coached by Adam Knowles
Phubar and Grill coached by Tim Marino
AOH DIV 61 coached by Shane Kelly
Rally Killers Coached By Bubba and Little Bubs and MR BLUM
Kenny Hopkins Bucks County Emergency Services... Cornwells Fire Department
Team Hutz coached by Earl Hutz
Team Sugar aka Morrell Tavern coached by Jeffro Allexy and Drew

The winner will get $420 and second place will get $180. Third place receives an ADDA BOY. This is a charity tournament and should be treated that way. Eagles tailgate rules are in effect for alcohol at the field. Please use red cups for all adult beverages. Last year ran very smooth and we would like the same approach this year.

This tournament will be a fundraiser for AOH DIV 6. We will be using Dudley sb -12 balls with wood softball bats. Bats will be provided for teams in aluminum bat leagues. This will be a one pitch tournament with a strike matt being used. The strike zone will consist of both the strike matt and home plate. One pitch... and one pitch only, per batter. Runners will be allowed to move as soon as the ball crosses the plate. Safety Bags will be used at first. Regular slide or surrender rules apply. Two courtesy runners in 5 inning games. Three courtesy runners in 6 or 7 inning games. Regular ASA rules and common sense apply. The tournament is BYOB. Eagles tail gate rules are in effect meaning bring a red cup to put any adult beverages. We will make an effort to recycle at the tournament with clear bags for cans bottles and cardboard. Black bags will be provided for regular trash. Please pick up after yourselves and your team and leave the field cleaner then when you got it. Any unsportsman like conduct will not be tolerated and people not respecting the tournament staff will be told to leave. All players of the tournament will be playing at their own risk and will be asked to sign a waiver. The times of the games and innings should help the amount of times between games. If you are in the losers bracket expect to play a lot of back to back games. We will be selling 50/50 tickets along with AOH t shirts during the game. I have played on most of the teams or with players from most of the teams. Please show respect for the players involved and the umpires in this tournament since they are my friends and teammates even the guys from Bucks county Emergency services who like to kick dirt on me when I umpire.

MY NUMBER IS 2672572592 for any question comments or concerns.

There was an increase in the tournament fee this year from 200 to 250 per team. Included in the 250 this year will be 30 dollars worth of 50/50 tickets. Each team will get 15 -50/ 50 tickets. RAIN DATE APRIL 9th WE will do whatever it takes to get tourney in on the 2nd


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