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BGN's Greatest Football Movie Of All Time

(Click on the links in the bracket for more details.)

Game 1 Details
(8)The Garbage Pickn FG Kickn Philadelphia Phenomenon
 (1)Remember The Titans
Game 9 Details
(8)Air Bud Golden Receiver
Game 17 Details
We Are Marshall
 Remember The Titans
Game 21 Details
Varsity Blues
Game 25 Details
The Waterboy
 Remember The Titans
Game 27 Details
Friday Night Lights
 (4)North Dallas Forty
Game 2 Details
(5)We Are Marshall
 (4)The Express
Game 10 Details
(5)Varsity Blues
 (2)The Longest Yard
Game 3 Details
(7)Necessary Roughness
 (2)Friday Night Lights
Game 11 Details
(7)All The Right Moves
 The Longest Yard
Game 18 Details
The Waterboy
 Friday Night Lights
Game 22 Details
The Program
 (3)The Waterboy
Game 4 Details
 (3)The Program
Game 12 Details
(6)Heaven Can Wait
Game 29 Details
The Replacements
Game 31 Details
Remember The Titans
 Remember The Titans
Game 30 Details
 (1)The Blindside
Game 5 Details
(8)Paper Lion
 (1)Brians Song
Game 13 Details
(8)The Last Boy Scout
 The Blindside
Game 19 Details
Any Given Sunday
 Brians Song
Game 23 Details
Knute Rockne, All American
 Any Given Sunday
Game 26 Details
The Replacements
 Brians Song
Game 28 Details
 (4)Any Given Sunday
Game 6 Details
(3)Gridiron Gang
 (4)Knute Rockne, All American
Game 14 Details
(5)Everybody's All American
 (2)Little Giants
Game 7 Details
(7)Big Fan
Game 15 Details
(7)Backfield In Motion
 Little Giants
Game 20 Details
The Replacements
Game 24 Details
 (5)The Replacements
Game 8 Details
Game 16 Details
(6)The Junction Boys


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