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Game 1 Details
(8)Enemy Soil-Casualties of Progress
Game 17 Details
Assuck-Misery Index
 (2)Napalm Death-FETO
Game 2 Details
(7)Assuck-Misery Index
Game 25 Details
Terrorizer-World Downfall
 (3)Terrorizer-World Downfall
Game 3 Details
(6)S.O.B.-Gate of Doom
 Terrorizer-World Downfall
Game 18 Details
Brutal Truth-Need to Control
Game 29 Details
 (4)Brutal Truth-Need to Control
Game 4 Details
(5)Carcass-Reek of Putrefaction
 (1)Napalm Death-Scum
Game 5 Details
(8)Extreme Noise Terror-A Holocaust in Your Head
 Napalm Death-Scum
Game 19 Details
 Winner of 29
Game 31 Details
Winner of 30
 (2)Brutal Truth-Extreme Conditions
Game 6 Details
(7)Unseen Terror-Human Error
 Napalm Death-Scum
Game 26 Details
 (3)S.O.B.-Don't Be Swindle
Game 7 Details
 Brutal Truth-Extreme Conditions
Game 20 Details
 (4)Siege-Drop Dead
Game 8 Details
 (1)Discordance Axis-The Inalienable Dreamless
Game 9 Details
(8)Liberteer-Better to Live on Your Feet
 Discordance Axis-The Inalienable Dreamless
Game 21 Details
GridLink-Amber Gray
 (2)Pig Destroyer-Prowler in the Yard
Game 10 Details
 Discordance Axis-The Inalienable Dreamless
Game 27 Details
Pig Destroyer-Prowler in the Yard
 (3)Mortalized-Absolute Mortality 2
Game 11 Details
(6)GridLink-Amber Gray
 Pig Destroyer-Prowler in the Yard
Game 22 Details
Dephosphorus-Night Sky Transform
 Winner of 27
Game 30 Details
Winner of 28
 (4)Dephosphorus-Night Sky Transform
Game 12 Details
(5)Agoraphobic Nosebleed-Altered States of America
 (1)Insect Warfare-World Extermination
Game 13 Details
(8)Cellgraft-External Habitation
 Insect Warfare-World Extermination
Game 23 Details
Kill the Client-Cleptocracy
Game 14 Details
(7)Sakatat-Bir Devrin Sonu
 Insect Warfare-World Extermination
Game 28 Details
324-Boutoku no Taiyo
 (3)Agoraphobic Nosebleed-PCP Torpedo
Game 15 Details
(6)Kill the Client-Cleptocracy
Game 24 Details
324-Boutoku no Taiyo
 (4)Suffering Mind-Suffering Mind
Game 16 Details
(5)324-Boutoku no Taiyo


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