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The Best Weird Al song

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 Frank's 2000-Inch TV
Game 1 Details
White & Nerdy
Game 17 Details
Bedrock Anthem
 White & Nerdy
Game 33 Details
 Winner of 17
Game 41 Details
Winner of 18
 Winner of 33
Game 49 Details
Winner of 34
 Winner of 41
Game 53 Details
Winner of 42
 Pretty Fly For A Rabbi
Game 2 Details
 Everything You Know Is Wrong
Game 18 Details
When I was your age
 Trash Day
Game 3 Details
I'll Sue Ya
 Don't Download This Song
Game 19 Details
I Love Rocky Road
 I'll Sue Ya
Game 34 Details
Dare To Be Stupid
 Winner of 19
Game 42 Details
Winner of 20
Game 4 Details
Dare To Be Stupid
 Why Does This Always Happen To Me?
Game 20 Details
Jurassic Park
 Winner of 49
Game 57 Details
Winner of 50
 Winner of 53
Game 59 Details
Winner of 54
 This Is The Life
Game 5 Details
 A Complicated Song
Game 21 Details
Hardware Store
Game 35 Details
Smells Like Nirvana
 Winner of 21
Game 43 Details
Winner of 22
 Winner of 35
Game 50 Details
Winner of 36
 Winner of 43
Game 54 Details
Winner of 44
Game 6 Details
Smells Like Nirvana
 Christmas at Ground Zero
Game 22 Details
Ode To A Superhero
 Genius In France
Game 7 Details
Trigger Happy
 I Think I'm A Clone Now
Game 23 Details
 Trigger Happy
Game 36 Details
 Winner of 23
Game 44 Details
Winner of 24
Game 8 Details
Headline News
 Achy Breaky Song
Game 24 Details
 Winner of 57
Game 61 Details
Winner of 58
 Winner of 61
Game 63 Details
Winner of 62
 Winner of 59
Game 62 Details
Winner of 60
 I Remember Larry
Game 9 Details
Another Tattoo
 Skipper Dan
Game 25 Details
Couch Potato
 Another Tattoo
Game 37 Details
I Lost On Jeopardy
 Winner of 25
Game 45 Details
Winner of 26
 Winner of 37
Game 51 Details
Winner of 38
 Winner of 45
Game 55 Details
Winner of 46
 Weasel Stomping Day
Game 10 Details
I Lost On Jeopardy
 Party In The CIA
Game 26 Details
One More Minute
 Polka Face!
Game 11 Details
Confessions Part III
 Amish Paradise
Game 27 Details
Polka Power!
 Winner of 11
Game 38 Details
Winner of 12
 Winner of 27
Game 46 Details
Winner of 28
 Virus Alert
Game 12 Details
Stop Forwarding That Crap To Me
 I Can't Watch This
Game 28 Details
The Saga Begins
 Winner of 51
Game 58 Details
Winner of 52
 Winner of 55
Game 60 Details
Winner of 56
 Trapped In The Drive-Thru
Game 13 Details
Living With A Hernia
 Perform This Way
Game 29 Details
Like A Surgeon
 Winner of 13
Game 39 Details
Winner of 14
 Winner of 29
Game 47 Details
Winner of 30
 Winner of 39
Game 52 Details
Winner of 40
 Winner of 47
Game 56 Details
Winner of 48
Game 14 Details
Do I Creep You Out
 Another One Rides The Bus
Game 30 Details
Girls Just Want To Have Lunch
 Eat It
Game 15 Details
Taco Grande
 It's All About The Pentiums
Game 31 Details
Theme Of Rocky XIII (The Rye Or The Kaiser)
 Winner of 15
Game 40 Details
Winner of 16
 Winner of 31
Game 48 Details
Winner of 32
 Canadian Idiot
Game 16 Details
Happy Birthday
 The Night Santa Went Crazy
Game 32 Details


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