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2013 Camden Chat GIF Tourney - Part 2

(Click on the links in the bracket for more details.)

 (1)Tea Time
 (2)Happy Fans
 Tea Time
Gm 9: 11/7/13
Nate Slide
 Happy Fans
Gm 11: 11/6/13
 Nate Slide
Gm 13: 11/11/13
Bud Norris is outta here
 Bud Norris is outta here
Gm 15: 11/12/13
Mount Crushmore
Gm 14: 11/8/13
Mount Crushmore
 (8)Nate Slide
Gm 2: 11/1/13
(9)O'Day strikes out
 (7)PhD in Webgemology
Gm 6: 10/31/13
 (5)Davis first 50 HR
Gm 3: 10/29/13
(12)Adam Jones deke
 (6)Mount Crushmore
Gm 7: 10/30/13
(11)Get hands in the air
 Davis first 50 HR
Gm 10: 11/4/13
Bud Norris is outta here
 Mount Crushmore
Gm 12: 11/5/13
Sweaty Chris Davis
 (4)Bud Norris is outta here
 (3)Sweaty Chris Davis


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