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2014-15 CDGBL Playoffs - 4th Grade

Organization: Capital District Girls Basketball League

(Click on the links in the bracket for more details.)

1st Round
 (1)South Colonie
Gm 1: 2/28/15 5pm
at: Bethlehem MS
(8)Clifton Park
 South Colonie
Gm 5: 3/1/15 9am
at: Algonquin (AP) Crt 1
Gm 7: 3/1/15 11:30am
at: Averill Park HS
 (4)North Colonie
Gm 2: 2/28/15 6:15pm
at: Bethlehem MS
 (6)East Greenbush
Gm 3: 2/28/15 9:15am
at: Koda MS (CP)
(3)Burnt Hills
 Burnt Hills
Gm 6: 3/1/15 9am
at: Algonquin (AP) Crt 2
Gm 4: 2/28/15 8am
at: Koda MS (CP)

Bracket Notes:
* Higher seed is HOME team

Koda Middle School - Clifton Park (CP)
970 Route 146
Clifton Park, NY 12065

Bethlehem Middle School (Upper) - Bethlehem
332 Kenwood Ave
Delmar, New York 12054

Algonquin Middle School - Averill Park (AP)
333 Ny Highway 351
Averill Park, New York 12018

Averill Park High School - Averill Park (AP)
146 Gettle Rd # 2
Averill Park, New York 12018


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