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2016 MMTL Summer Singles Championships - Men's Level A

Location: Franklin Athletic Club
Organization: �Midwest Metro Tennis League

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 (1)Michael Fleischer
7-6 6-3
(8)Eliezer Jun Siwa
 Michael Fleischer
6-0 6-3
Leo Abad
 Michael Fleischer
7-5 6-2
Tony Nguyen
 Tony Nguyen 
 (4)Steven Stombaugh
7-5 6-4
(5)Leo Abad
 (3)Tony Nguyen
6-3 6-2
(6)Steve Gould
 Tony Nguyen
7-6 6-7 1-0
Phil Maceri
 (2)Phil Maceri
6-2 6-3
(7)Joey Mentzer


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