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2018 IllinoisHighSchoolSports.com Bracket Challenge - Class 6A

Location: Illinois
Organization: IllinoisHighSchoolSports.com

(Click on the links in the bracket for more details.)

First Round
Second Round
Game 1 Details
Game 17 Details
Maple Park (Kaneland)
 (8)Maple Park (Kaneland)
Game 2 Details
(9)Chicago (Von Steuben)
Game 25 Details
Chicago (Phillips)
 (4)Chicago (Phillips)
Game 3 Details
(13)Lake Forest
 Chicago (Phillips)
Game 18 Details
Crystal Lake (Prairie Ridge)
Game 29 Details
Niles (Notre Dame)
 (5)Crystal Lake (Prairie Ridge)
Game 4 Details
(12)Hinsdale South
Game 5 Details
(15)Burbank (Reavis)
Game 19 Details
Lake Villa (Lakes)
Game 31 Details
Crete (Monee)
 (7)Lake Villa (Lakes)
Game 6 Details
(10)Belvidere (North)
Game 26 Details
Niles (Notre Dame)
 (3)Chicago (Kenwood)
Game 7 Details
(14)Crystal Lake (South)
 Crystal Lake (South)
Game 20 Details
Niles (Notre Dame)
 (6)Niles (Notre Dame)
Game 8 Details
(11)Chicago (St. Ignatius)
 (1)Oak Lawn Richards
Game 9 Details
(16)Rock Island
 Oak Lawn Richards
Game 21 Details
Game 10 Details
 Oak Lawn Richards
Game 27 Details
Normal (Community West)
 (4)Normal (Community West)
Game 11 Details
(13)Peoria (Notre Dame)
 Normal (Community West)
Game 22 Details
Palos Heights (Shepard)
 Oak Lawn Richards
Game 30 Details
Crete (Monee)
 (5)Palos Heights (Shepard)
Game 12 Details
(12)Springfield (HS)
Game 13 Details
(15)New Lenox (Providence Catholic)
Game 23 Details
Springfield (Sacred Heart Griffin)
 (7)Springfield (Sacred Heart Griffin)
Game 14 Details
(10)Quincy (Sr)
Game 28 Details
Crete (Monee)
 (3)Chatham (Glenwood)
Game 15 Details
(14)Lemont (HS)
 Chatham (Glenwood)
Game 24 Details
Crete (Monee)
 (6)Bloomington (HS)
Game 16 Details
(11)Crete (Monee)

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