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Best British Bands of the 80s

Organization: Mark and Sarah Talk About Songs

(Click on the links in the bracket for more details.)

 (1)The Smiths
Game 1 Details
(16)Love and Rockets
 (1)Tears for Fears
Game 17 Details
(16)The Fixx
 The Smiths
Game 33 Details
 Tears for Fears
Game 41 Details
Naked Eyes
 The Smiths
Game 49 Details
 Tears for Fears
Game 53 Details
Fine Young Cannibals
Game 2 Details
(9)Modern English
Game 18 Details
(9)Naked Eyes
 (5)Depeche Mode
Game 3 Details
(12)Talk Talk
 (5)Simply Red
Game 19 Details
(12)Johnny Hates Jazz
 Depeche Mode
Game 34 Details
 Simply Red
Game 42 Details
Fine Young Cannibals
Game 4 Details
(13)Dream Academy
 (4)Fine Young Cannibals
Game 20 Details
(13)Mike and the Mechanics
Game 57 Details
The Police
 Tears for Fears
Game 59 Details
 (6)Simple Minds
Game 5 Details
(11)Flock of Seagulls
 (6)Spandau Ballet
Game 21 Details
(11)Cutting Crew
 Simple Minds
Game 35 Details
The Cure
 Spandau Ballet
Game 43 Details
 The Cure
Game 50 Details
The Police
Game 54 Details
 (3)The Cure
Game 6 Details
(14)When in Rome
Game 22 Details
(14)The Power Station
 (7)Thompson Twins
Game 7 Details
(10)Siouxsie and the Banshees
Game 23 Details
 Thompson Twins
Game 36 Details
The Police
Game 44 Details
 (2)The Police
Game 8 Details
(15)Dead or Alive
Game 24 Details
(15)Swing Out Sister
Game 61 Details
Duran Duran
 Duran Duran
Game 63 Details
Tears for Fears
 Tears for Fears
Game 62 Details
 (1)Duran Duran
Game 9 Details
(16)Bronski Beat
Game 25 Details
(16)After the Fire
 Duran Duran
Game 37 Details
New Order
Game 45 Details
Katrina and the Waves
 Duran Duran
Game 51 Details
Culture Club
Game 55 Details
 (8)New Order
Game 10 Details
 (8)Katrina and the Waves
Game 26 Details
(9)The Outfield
 (5)Human League
Game 11 Details
(12)Soft Cell
Game 27 Details
(12)Dexy's Midnight Runners
 Human League
Game 38 Details
Culture Club
Game 46 Details
 (4)Culture Club
Game 12 Details
Game 28 Details
 Duran Duran
Game 58 Details
Game 60 Details
Game 13 Details
(11)Frankie Goes to Hollywood
Game 29 Details
(11)Big Country
Game 39 Details
 Big Country
Game 47 Details
Game 52 Details
Pet Shop Boys
Game 56 Details
Def Leppard
Game 14 Details
(14)Bow Wow Wow
Game 30 Details
(14)The Escape Club
Game 15 Details
(10)Level 42
Game 31 Details
(10)The Vapors
Game 40 Details
Pet Shop Boys
Game 48 Details
Def Leppard
 (2)Pet Shop Boys
Game 16 Details
(15)Wang Chung
 (2)Def Leppard
Game 32 Details
(15)Musical Youth


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