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New Jersey Cup 2019 - Boys 12U

Organization: New Jersey Cup

(Click on the links in the bracket for more details.)

Game to be played no later than April 8.
Game to be played no later than April 29.
Game to be played no later than May 20.
Game to be played no later than May 20.
Game to be played no later than April 29.
Game to be played no later than April 8.
 Ironbound 07 Red Raiders
Game 17 Details
Winner of 2
 Ironbound 07 Red Raiders
Game 21 Details
Winner of 10
 Winner of 17
Game 25 Details
Winner of 18
 Winner of 21
Game 27 Details
Winner of 22
 Pasco Barca
Gm 2: 3/23/19 11am
at: Superdome Sports
Scotch Plains Fanwood Rooney
 South Hackensack Strikers 07 Black
Game 10 Details
Harrison Futbol Deportivo
 Ironbound 07 Blue Alliance
Game 3 Details
Medford Strikers Surge 2007
 Princeton FC Liverpool Black
Game 11 Details
Parsippany SC 2007 White
 Winner of 3
Game 18 Details
Winner of 4
 Winner of 11
Game 22 Details
Winner of 12
 Parsippany SC 2007 Academy Blue
Gm 4: 3/24/19 2pm
at: Veterans Field
Match Fit Montclair United 2007
 Jersey Shore Boca Jr 07
Game 12 Details
SC Vistula Devils
 Winner of 25
Game 29 Details
Winner of 26
 Winner of 29
Game 31 Details
Winner of 30
 Winner of 27
Game 30 Details
Winner of 28
 FC Copa 2007 USYS Pre-NL
 Real Jersey FC 2007
 FC Copa 2007 USYS Pre-NL
Game 19 Details
Winner of 6
 Real Jersey FC 2007
Game 23 Details
Winner of 14
 Winner of 19
Game 26 Details
Winner of 20
 Winner of 23
Game 28 Details
Winner of 24
 Freehold SL Phantoms
Game 6 Details
Ironbound 07 Yellow Rampage
 Ironbound 07 White Jaguars
Gm 14: 3/29/19 7:30pm
at: Riverbank Park
Bloomfield Celtic
 SC Vistula 2007 Lewandowski
 MSA 2007 Gunners Blue
 SC Vistula 2007 Lewandowski
Game 20 Details
Winner of 8
 MSA 2007 Gunners Blue
Game 24 Details
Winner of 16
 Bridgewater SA Academy 2007
Game 8 Details
West Morris SC Premier 07
Game 16 Details
Thistle FC Storm

Bracket Notes: Check "Game Details" to see which team is home.

The home team must offer at least three different dates to play a game, including at least two different weekend options (Saturday/Sunday or two different calendar weekends). Offering different times on the same day counts as one day. Once the home team has offered at least three different dates the visitors must select one and play. Further discussions can occur, but once at least three dates have been offered the home team has fulfilled its requirement and the visitors must select one of the dates.

Once scheduled, an email must be sent to newjerseycup@comcast.net with the game details: teams, age group, gender, date, time, location.


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