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The Quack Attack trivia extravaganza


(Click on the links in the bracket for more details.)

 (1)Bobby L.
(16)Danny R.
 (2)Gemma B.
Game 5 Details
(15)Stevie Yanks
 Danny R.
Game 9 Details
Ty J.
 Winner of 5
Game 11 Details
Winner of 6
 Winner of 9
Game 13 Details
Winner of 10
 Winner of 13
Game 15 Details
Winner of 14
 Winner of 11
Game 14 Details
Winner of 12
 (8)Jarrod B.
(9)Ty J.
 (7)John H.
Game 6 Details
(10)Jeremy R.
 (5)Matt H.
(12)Nate B.
 (6)Andrew S.
Game 7 Details
(11)Eli D.
 Nate B.
Game 10 Details
Winner of 4
 Winner of 7
Game 12 Details
Winner of 8
 (4)Jeremiah B.
Game 4 Details
(13)Dustin F.
 (3)Luke E.
Game 8 Details
(14)Bryan B.


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