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€}{ Singles Tourney

Location: E- Seals 4
Organization: €lite~Hitmen
Publisher: Crimson Night

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 (1)¿Thë Äñšwèr?
Game 1 Details
 Winner of 1
Game 13 Details
 Winner of 13
Game 23 Details
Winner of 14
Game 2 Details
 Winner of 23
Game 28 Details
Winner of 24
Game 3 Details
Game 14 Details
Winner of 4
Game 4 Details
 Winner of 28
Game 30 Details
Winner of 29
Game 5 Details
 Winner of 5
Game 15 Details
 Winner of 15
Game 24 Details
Winner of 16
 (5)Th3 Jok3r
Game 7 Details
 Winner of 7
Game 16 Details
Winner of 8
Game 8 Details

Losers (1-Loss) Bracket

 Loser of 1
Game 9 Details
 Loser of 28
Game 29 Details
Winner of 27
 Winner of 9
Game 17 Details
Loser of 16
 Winner of 17
Game 21 Details
Winner of 18
 Winner of 21
Game 25 Details
Loser of 23
 Loser of 15
Game 18 Details
Winner of 10
Game 10 Details
Loser of 4
 Winner of 25
Game 27 Details
Winner of 26
 Loser of 5
Game 11 Details
 Loser of 24
Game 26 Details
Winner of 22
 Winner of 11
Game 19 Details
Loser of 14
 Winner of 19
Game 22 Details
Winner of 20
 Loser of 13
Game 20 Details
Winner of 12
 Loser of 7
Game 12 Details
Loser of 8

Bracket Notes: You have a week to play a round you have to contact your oppponite and decide when to play if u dont play during the week u lose.If you are goin to be gone email or aim me to ell me and i will tell ur opponit or u can to. Make pass hitmen and yes to spectators but make them have a pass which is hitmen so we can see whats goin on in the matches but no more than 2 spectators please. Also AIM me or tell em when u are goin to play and the score at the end. Also if this goes well we can have a dubz tourney next so find a partner and practice and watch out for The Jokers Answer. the outcome of this tourney will decide the ranks for the next. The ranks of the dubz tourney will be decide by how fast u tell me ur partner is the 1 and 2 spots are already taken there will be 7 teams unless we get more people.


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