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With our VirtualBrackets feature you can display tournament brackets (and/or provide our bracket-making technology to your users) with the same layout as the other pages on your own website, i.e. branded content. The software still runs on our servers, but you get your own subdomain (e.g. yoursite.bracketmaker.com), and you can define the HTML template to match your website. You can have your logos and images, your own navigation links, etc. (You can also use this feature even if you don't have your own website if you just want to have your own custom page design.)

Here are some examples from actual VirtualBrackets sites:


Acadiana Postgame

War of the Words Tournament

The default subdomain is yourdomain.bracketmaker.com, or it can be brackets.yourdomain.com if you have control over your DNS (have your sysadmin or domain registrar define a cname alias to www.bracketmaker.com).

The cost for VirtualBrackets is $25 per month for up to 25,000 pageviews. $5 per each additional block of 5,000 pageviews. (Very few tournaments generate more than 25,000 pageviews per month, but these terms are included to protect BracketMaker from excessive/unexpected traffic, otherwise our Internet provider charges us for the extra bandwidth. In the unlikely event this happens, you will be notified long before the limit is reached and can opt to have throttling enabled, the tradeoff being that your pages won't load as fast.)

Your VirtualBrackets setup will be done within 2 business days after you submit the payment form. After we have received payment and enabled VirtualBrackets for your organization, we will send you more detailed instructions on how to create your template. Basically your web designer will create a new web page template with two placeholders, one for the <title> tag of each page and one for where you want the brackets to appear within the page.

Advanced Features and Customization

If BracketMaker doesn't meet 100% of your requirements, you have two options. You can either build your own solution in-house, or you can leverage the functionality that already exists in BracketMaker and only have to cover the costs for the extra features you need. Creating tournament bracket management software from scratch is a very long and costly project. We know this from experience. :-) Chances are you can significantly lower the cost of your web development and/or marketing projects by outsourcing the work to BracketMaker.

Systems Integration

If you need any kind of programmatic and/or data integration of BracketMaker with your own website (say for example you want login/passwords to be synchronized for the convenience of your users), it is possible for our system to interact with yours via url/form parameters, AJAX, XML-RPC API, etc. It would just be a matter of customizing our software to meet your requirements (for which we can provide a cost/time estimate) so let us know what you need and how soon you need it.

Please contact us asap about any of the above options. If you need custom features, please include documentation of your specific requirements and also preferred deadline if you have one.

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