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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change my password?
Yes, we know the computer assigns horrible passwords. For that reason we allow you to change it to something easier to remember. From your main page that lists all your brackets (you can get to it my selecting "my brackets" from the menu), select "change password" from the upper right. Enter your new password and you are set.

What do the circles and red dots in front of my brackets mean?
Circles indicate the Tournament. Select it and you will be taken to the information page. Red dots are those brackets you have created in that tournament. Select the red dots and you will be taken to the bracket.

I'm having problems with "bye" games; the computer keeps assigning byes where I don't want them.
You have two options. 1)Leave the entire bracket blank or 2) Enter something in each team space. Remember, if you enter just the seed you are fine. The computer recognizes that as a player.

Can I remove a bye once the computer has assigned it?
Yes. Go into the "Edit Bracket" page. Click the game link that has the incorrect bye. Enter either the team name and/or the seed in the appropriate box. You must enter at least one of these. Click the "Reset Winner" button.

I advanced the wrong player can I fix it?
Yes. Go into the quick set-up and make the correction. The computer will adjust. Even if you advanced the wrong person for 3 rounds, the computer will make the correction.

How do I delete a bracket?
1) Open the bracket you want to delete 2) select "Edit Tourney Info (or Delete)" from the menu 3) you will find a delete button at the bottom NOTE: This will only delete the bracket NOT the tournament

How do I delete a Tournament?
In order to delete a tournament you can't have any brackets created. This means, if you have brackets you must individually delete each bracket following the steps above.

How do the "Notes" work?
Bracket Notes (in the Edit Tourney Info page) follow the bracket. Game notes (in the Edit Bracket page) follow just the game.

What if I have a Tournament with several brackets that occur in different locations?
Your best bet is to create new tournaments for each bracket so that you can enter the location for the bracket. The only downfall to doing it this way is added time setting up your brackets because you have to select "My Brackets" to get back to your original screen and start over.

I misspelled a player's name, but didn't realize until after Round 2, can I change it?
Yes you can. The computer will automatically change the information all the way through the bracket. All the previous games and scores will be preserved.

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