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Date/Time: 1/30/2010
Location: chez arata
Winner: Goose Island Sofie

While it was agreed that the Old Godfather was a good beer, Sofie, the hometown contender, was the clear favorite.

Name: Goose Island Sofie
A five star beer steve drank on 4/18/2009 during the el ride home from the beermapping.com barcrawl.

Contemporaneous comment: "All I can say is wow, this beer was fantastic. 5 stars."

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Name: Speakeasy Old Godfather
A four star beer steve drank on 8/21/2009 at 5809 while playing bags with melissa.

Contemporaneous comment: "Creamy and nice, with the distinctive speakeasy hop character. Borderline 3-4, and due to my general love for the brand I'm going with 4 stars. Also, there is some definite alcohol in here. Also, barleywine."

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