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Date/Time: 4/11/2010
Location: 5809
Winner: Founders - KBS

Time for some more barrel aged big boys. Tune in Sunday for all the beery, woody details.

Name: Founders - KBS
A four star beer steve traded a kona pale ale for at Dark Lord Day - quite the good deal for me. Drank it on the swing at 5809 after steve and arata retired there after the madness of DLD.

Contemporaneous comment: "Now this is a tasty beer. A deep dark stout with vanilla flavors from the boubon barrells. Very good. 4 stars. Arata is having a regular breakfast stout, so we can compare and contrast. My overall take is that the kbs is much better. More complex, more interesting, more tasty. That said, the regular is still good, but the kbs is head and shoulders above."

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Name: Lost Abbey - Angel's Share
A four star beer steve drank at one of his favorite beer bars in the country: the falling rock tap house in denver. He was accompanied by his lovely sister nora, as they were out the for their first ever GABF.

Contemporaneous(ish) comment: "how on earth could i have neglected to comment in this beer? i remember having an absolutely great, albiet short, experience at the falling rock, and i suspect the
beer didn't hurt. i recall it being interesting and nice, so i'll go ahead and say 4 stars."

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