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Date/Time: 8/10/2014
Location: 5809
Winner: Goose Island Sofie
Name: Goose Island Sofie
A five star beer steve drank on 4/18/2009 during the el ride home from the beermapping.com barcrawl.

Contemporaneous comment: "All I can say is wow, this beer was fantastic. 5 stars."

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Name: Speakeasy - Double Daddy Imperial India Pale Ale
A four star beer steve drank at home in his backyard after arriving home from work on 9/1/2009.

Contemporaneous comment: "A two thumbs up 4 star double ipa. Love the brand, love the flavor, and associated with good memories (drank this beer in Tahiti on our honeymoon). Looking forward to having another next year."

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