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Date/Time: 2/6/2010
Location: 5809
Winner: Southern Tier Krampus

Two versions of Krampus were tasted, the November 2008 release, as well as the November 2009 release. Arata felt that there was very little if any difference between the two "vintages". Steve agreed that the difference was fairly subtle, but stated a preference for the one year old 2008 version.

Both versions were deemed to be better than the Andygator, although the victor was less clear cut than in episode one.

Name: Southern Tier Krampus
A five star beer steve drank with friends at the honky tonk bbq in pilsen on 1/15/2009.

Contemporaneous comment: "This stuff is FANTASTIC! Definately rivals bells two hearted in terms of overall goodness. I'll definately need to try it again next year."

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Name: Abita Andygator
A restorative four star beer steve drank in new orleans with his sister nora after driving through the night to attend the mardi gras festivities on 2/20/2009.

Contemporaneous comment: "Basically, I was done, but this beer has totally rejuvenated me. 4 stars."

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