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Date/Time: TBA
Location: TBA
Winner: bayder

bayder (Allies) defeats Sylvest888 (Axis +8, Japan tran) in UK5 by surrender in an online game.

Japan focused on the Pacific island, and quickly mopped them up, while Germany built a Med fleet which held the USA out for a while. Allies took advantage in the north, and quickly stacked Karelia, then Eastern Europe, putting Germany on the defensive early. Instead of sitting back, Germany made some risky attacks, and in the end Berlin fell in UK5.

Axis was the victim of bad dice to start, which didn't help their cause. Thanks to Sylvest888 for the game!

Name: bayder
Seed: 1
(no notes entered)
Name: Sylvest888
Seed: 16
(no notes entered)


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