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Date/Time: TBA
Location: TBA
Winner: Straha

Straha (Allies) defeats Mogulrunnin (Axis +9: G med trans + 1 for J) by surrender in round 8. Game was played entirely PBEM.

This game got off to an odd start. G stacked WE and dropped 4 units in Afr, leaving them a bit weak against R. With a round 1 UK take of Karelia, R was able to stack it against G attack, as well as take Norway. Allies were able to maintain the Kar stack, which hurt G financially, while at the same time making R unusually powerful. J had factories in FIC & India after turn two, and got their fleet into the med on turn 3 & 4. But J also had to support G in Africa, which took away from pressure against R, so R continued to grow.

The game mostly stalled for a couple turns - the stacks of units grew, but we didn't move much - J built up India, G grew big stacks of inf in WE, Ber, and EE, R grew big in Cauc, US built up in Alg. Also combined axis stack in AE, and combined allied stack in Kar.

In the end R had just grown too big too fast, and so was to keep both G & J from advancing with the threat of 25-plus tanks ready to get in range of just about anywhere G or J advanced to. Allies were able to permanently push axis out of AE, trapping and eventually killing the combined axis fleet. At the same time, R stacked Persia, temporarily forcing J out of India. G was still huge, but with afr soon to be completely lost, their income was dwindling, and J was stalled.

I must note that one of the reasons R was able to grow so big was because the dice very much favored me in most of the small battles in Europe. Saving me an inf or 2 every turn, over many turns - those small battles really added up in my favor.

Thanks for a fun game, Mogul. Hopefully we'll meet on the battlefield again.

- Straha

Name: Straha
Seed: 3
(no notes entered)
Name: mogulrunnin
Seed: 6
(no notes entered)


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