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Date/Time: TBA
Location: TBA
Winner: Undine

Undine (allies) defeats williamilsanguinario (axis) in round 8. Bid was 9, with inf in libya, belo and norway.

The game started out extremely unlucky for germany. In R1, the standard attack on ukraine went perfect for russia, leaving 3 russian units there. In G1 germany tried to retake, but again due to worst possible dice, lost a lot of units while not retaking the territory. This continued to uk1, where uk sunk all northern german navy without losing a unit, and also killed the japan sub. Japan therefore ignored pearl harbour, which usa were able to make use of later by stacking the med with the additional units.
After a few rounds, allies were able to stack karelia. And while africa was still under axis control, and japan had quickly mopped up the islands, the early advantage for allies meant that the game could only go one way. Axis surrendered, when a lucky aa shot brought down the german bomber on transit.

Despite the difficult dice, this was a very friendly game.
GG, looking for a rematch some time william!

Name: williamilsanguinario
Seed: 10
(no notes entered)
Name: Undine
Seed: 2
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