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Date/Time: TBA
Location: TBA
Winner: bayder

bayder (Allies) defeats hammond (Axis +9) by surrender in round 6. The game was played about 1/2 online and 1/2 pbem.

This was a fast and furious game in the first few rounds. Japan built 2 IC's and quickly plowed through Asia, stacking Persia in J4. Karelia was a trade-zone from the get-go, with neither side able to stack there. USA killed the G Med fleet in USA3, and Allies quickly took control of Egy and Africa. Both sides had made key tactical gains quickly.

In Rus5, Stalin pulled all of his troops back to Cauc and Kaz to force the Yellow Horde out of Persia. That is when the Axis generals got a bit too brazen. Instead of having Japan pull out of Persia, Germany pushed forward to Ukr and Japan maintained their underpowered stack in Per. Also, due to a tactical oversight, they left the Suez open.

So in the USA5/Rus6 turn, the Allies delivered a double-death-blow to the Axis. USA wiped out the Jap fleet in sz34, while Russia decimated the Japanese stack in Per, leaving only a few ftrs alive, and retreating the Russian force to Cauc. Germany tried to avenge these losses by attacking Cauc in G6, but the Russians had retreated enough and held Cauc, forcing the Axis surrender.

Thanks to hammond for a fast and fun game. Looking forward to the next one!


Name: bayder
Seed: 1
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Name: hammond
Seed: 12
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