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Date/Time: TBA
Location: TBA
Winner: Undine

Undine (Axis+9: inf in wr, ukr and lib) defeats Straha (Allies) by surrender in round 23. The game was played about half pbem, half lobby.

Uk lost 2 fighters to the german north sea fleet early. This did not dissuade the allies though, who put pressure on germany quickly. The german med fleet was killed in usa3, and usa started trading SE by round 4. 2 rounds later germany stacked SE, to stop the constant loss of units there, but had to weaken its position against russia to do so. This allowed the allies to stack karelia, and keep it for many turns.

With german reinforcements for AE cut down early, japan used most of its resources to keep africa under axis control. The situation stabilized for a long time here, with stacks in Libya/AE and EE/kar growing, and income almost balanced.

In round 16 this would drastically change. Russia stacked persia, forcing japan out of india. This made it impossible for axis to keep control of AE, and USA took back africa for the allies. At the same time though, germany was able to push allies out of karelia. Uk and usa traded with german units, cutting down german army size.

However, the loss of AE promted japan to retreat its stack towards russia, stacking caucasus in round 20. From there, the buildup continued until round 23, when japan took control of russia.

Thank you to Straha for a great, strategical game!

Name: Straha
Seed: 3
(no notes entered)
Name: Undine
Seed: 2
(no notes entered)


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