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Date/Time: TBA
Location: TBA
Winner: bayder

bayder (Axis +9) defeats Undine (Allies) in Round USA11 via surrender

Germany placed a split bid in Europe and Africa, and the game started with fairly standard moves by both sides: Russia stacking WR, Germany stacking Kar, UK and USA dropping in Alg, and Japan clearing Allied ships and building transports. The Japanese transport in sz59 survived UK's DD attack, setting up Japan to capture the Pacific islands by round 4, while building up troops in Egy and Asia.

Japan's lucky transport survival was countered by Allied luck of relentless strategic bombing of Germany, resulting in UK capturing and stacking Kar in round 5...holding it for 2 rounds before Germany was able to force them out.

In the south, Axis maintained a stack in Egy through round 7, allowing most of the Japanese fleet into the Med to lock down sz14 defense, protecting the underbelly of Germany. Around this time, UK and USA began dropping massive amounts of troops into WEur, forcing Germany to lose a lot of units in continuously retaking...until Germany was finally able to stack WEur in round 11.

While Axis controlled Africa early, USA was able to root them out, and eventually stack Egy themselves. They also built subs and air, and finally forced the Axis fleet to retreat to sz15 and sz16.

After Japan retreated from Egy, they stacked Per, then Kaz, then finally Cauc. USA breaking through the Med blockade was too late to get enough aid to Russia. And, with Moscow's fall inevitable in J12, and Berlin comfortably defended, the Allied commanders offered their surrender.

Thanks to Undine for his top-notch play and sportsmanship throughout a very entertaining game.

Name: bayder
Seed: 1
(no notes entered)
Name: Undine
Seed: 2
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