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Date/Time: TBA
Location: TBA
Winner: hammond

hammond (allies) defeats Tulkas (axis)in round 41. Bid G9 inf wr, uk, and Lib.

As I write the game summary, how do I summarize a 41 round game? This game had everything, huge battles, huge navies, momentum swings, even russia fell to Germany, etc. Tulkas is an exceptional player. Germany was untouchable for 99% of the game. Tulkas made sure Germany had a solid wall. If the Allies pushed one way, the Axis pushed from the opposite side. The game finally broke open when Germany fell to USA only to endure an assault of nearly 50 Japanese tanks which did manage to liberate Germany. But, UK was there with just enough to take it back. After the smoke cleared, the Allies were just in a better position 3 vs. 1 upon Russia's liberation.

Kudos to Tulkas for playing that game and giving the axis the best as I imagined he would going into the arena. GG Well played!

Name: tulkas
Seed: 5
(no notes entered)
Name: hammond
Seed: 12
(no notes entered)


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