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Game Details

Date/Time: TBA
Location: TBA
Winner: hammond

hammond (Allies) defeats Gonz (Axis) Bid 9 in 20 Rd.

I thought the game had a good allies start in that Germany wasn't really able to march deeper towards Russia. The European front then settled into a waiting game fighting small battles over the same territories as the Japanese storm approached Moscow. When Japan made its move on the land and sea, the allies were just able to fight it off and still hold one side of the Suez canal. After the big Caucus battle and realizing that Germany was probably never going to fall, the allies chased Japan back across Asia in a type of KJF, but unable to knock out the Imperial Japanese Navy. Gonz' good strategies kept the Navy safe and strong. With Asia pretty much in control of the allies, Japan threw a hail mary last gasp effort that could have nearly taken out WUSA. It was a good game and Axis fought well. Gonz is a pleasure to game with and a good sportsman. GG Gonz.
Name: Gonzo
Seed: 5
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Name: hammond
Seed: 4
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