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Game Details

Date/Time: TBA
Location: TBA
Winner: CmdData

CmdData (Axis) defeats Straha (Allies) bid 9 by surrender after J26

The bid was 1 inf Libya, 1 inf Ukraine, and 1 inf Belorussia.

The Allies kept Karelia stacked from round 3 until round 23 while Germany maintained an Eastern Europe stack as long as possible (had to vacate on G23). Germany bounced it's other smaller stack between SE and WE in order to free up the planes for trading the other territories of Ukraine, Balkans, and Belo.

Japan had a slow start but finally stacked Persia on J13 while also annoying Alaska & W. Canada from rounds 7 through 24. Japan finally had gathered enough force to move the Persia stack to Kazakh on J22 while still maintaining control of the Suez due to 12 transports.

The Allies opted to push the Russian stack into Ukraine on R23 to go for a double (or triple) tap on Berlin instead of doing a turtle in Moscow. Japan flew in as many fighters as it could into Berlin and captured Moscow and the rest of Asia and then stacked Caucasus and Egypt on J24. The remainder of Africa (minus Algeria and Libya) quickly became Japanese. The Allies could never a combination of attacks that would lead to a fall of Berlin and Japan stacked West Russia medium on J25 and more heavily on J26 with that stack looking to move to Belo on J27 or J28.

At the point of surrender, Berlin was defended by 157 inf, 4 art, 10 arm, 2 AA guns, 17 figs (12 of which were Japanese), and a Japanese bomber. The Axis had 442 units to the Allied 412 units. TUV was 1889 Axis to 1819 Allies. PUs on hand was 88 Axis and 74 Allies (Karelia and Norway were still Russian red). Russia had 138 units for 513 TUV. Germany 180 units for 617 TUV. British 149 units for 611 TUV. Japan 262 units for 1272 TUV. US 125 units for 695 TUV.

A thoroughly amazing game Straha and I think we both had a lot of fun! I felt behind for much of this game.

GG and well played.
Name: Straha
Seed: 3
Name: CmdData
Seed: 7

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