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Game Details

Date/Time: TBA
Location: TBA
Winner: bayder

bayder (Axis +9) defeats CmdData (Allies) after J16 by surrender.

Axis placed inf in Bel, Ukr, and Lib, and round 1 was fairly standard fare. In round 2, UK was faced with a tough decision with their Per force, and they decided to attack G in TJ instead of J in Ind. This allowed Japan to build 2 IC's in Ind and FIC in J2, which greatly accelerated their growth, leading to an Axis Per stack in round 4.

Allies invested heavily in Africa, with Axis managing to stack Egy until forced to withdraw in round 5. With Japan stacking Per, and UK/USA investing in Africa, Germany was able to stack Kar, then Arch, then WR. UK continued picking at Europe while USA forces poured through Africa, but the extreme Axis pressure eventually resulted in Axis having a 100% double-tap take of Moscow in round 10.

Up until this point, the dice gods had at times smiled and frowned on both sides. But in round 10, the dice gods had a beaming grin for Axis, and the Moscow take was more successful than odds, surviving 3-4 extra Axis units, including 1-2 extra surviving planes. This made a big impact on the end-game.

With Moscow barely captured, and Axis low on ground troops, USA made an inspired ground surge from Egy through TJ, Per, and Kaz, eventually taking and producing in Cauc. This drove a huge wedge between Axis forces, which decided to evactuate Moscow in order to send a swell of tanks back into Europe. USA could have liberated Russia, but instead chose to continue producing in Cauc for a final headlong thrust into Europe. However, a combined Axis force was able to hold in EE, stopping USA's advance in Ukr, where they were eventually destroyed by the Japanese force catching up from the east. Here again, the dice gods were with Axis, and in the end the loss of the USA force compelled Allied commanders to offer their surrender.

This was an incredibly fun and challenging game. I can't thank CmdData enough for his good sportsmanship, excellent play, and fast game speed. With CmdData knocking off veterans epinikion and Straha on his way to the Finals, I'm sure we will see more of him in the late rounds of future Revised ToC's!


Name: bayder
Seed: 1
Name: CmdData
Seed: 7

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