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Game Details

Date/Time: TBA
Location: TBA
Winner: hammond

hammond (allies) def. Deltium (axis)bid 8 in rd 16.

Allies caught some good dice in rd 1, but then things settled down and axis started growing its forces into huge stacks on Germany, Persia, and at times Kaz. This really made allies throw its forces into mad suicide charges usually ending up with destruction of allied air forces and tanks to keep Japan from settling in on Caucas and Kaz. But by rd 16, positioning started favoring the allies and the axis made an honorable surrender. GG Deltium! well played

Deltium is a class act player, courteous and very enjoyable to game with. cya next time I hope!
Name: hammond
Seed: 4
(no notes entered)
Name: Deltium
Seed: 13
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