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Game Details

Date/Time: TBA
Location: TBA
Winner: Straha

Straha (allies) defeats Smoot (Axis) bid 8, default rules, by surrender in round 12.

Axis placed 1 inf in Belo, tank in Libya. Early on, G remained strong on the ground in Europe, but UK was able to kill the G med fleet in turn 2, which severely limited G income by cutting off afr. Nonetheless, it took until US6 to kill the final G units in Afr. Without Afr, axis was at a disadvantage from the start, which allowed UK to get a foothold in Europe. And US managed to win a couple costly captures of SE, which reduced G in size, making it harder to keep UK at bay. This in turn allowed R to focus strongly on J, keeping them from advancing for longer than usual. The income difference was just too much, and allies were able to slowly build up significantly more troops than axis.

Tkanks Smoot, for a fun and friendly game. Hope to meet you on the battlefield again.
Name: Straha
Seed: 3
Name: msoot
Seed: 14
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