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Game Details

Date/Time: TBA
Location: TBA
Winner: CmdData

CmdData (Allies) defeats mogulrunnin (Axis) Bid 9, low luck via surrender in round 25.

Axis bid was used to buy a transport in SZ 14 and the spare IPC was given to Japan.

The Allies squeezed the Axis income early by stacking Karelia in round 7 and then stacking Belo. Following a retreat from Egypt, an Axis advance to Kazakh on J11 allowed the Axis to stack Caucasus in round 12.

The US advanced to Persia on US18 which later setup the defining battle.

Notable battles were:

- US13 when 16 tanks, 2 figs, and 1 bmb attacked 13 inf, 3 tanks, 2 figs + AA gun. The US dislodged Japan recapturing India for the British but with only one tank, one fig, and the bmb surviving which was a bottom 8.1% result for the Allies.
- R19 when 11 tanks, 2 figs attacked 12 Japanese tanks in Ukraine.
- J20 when 34 inf, 9 art, 62 tanks, 3 figs, and 1 bmb attacked 89 inf, 1 art, 15 tanks, 6 figs, and 1 bmb + AA gun. 4 inf and 4 tanks came via transport, so Japan could not retreat. Japan had only 2 tanks, 2 figs, and a bmb surviving which was a bottom 5.6% result for the Axis. After that poor result, the Japanese were spent and Germany's threat on Moscow was not enough without support from Japan leading to the Axis surrender a few rounds later.

GG mogulrunnin!
Name: CmdData
Seed: 7
Name: mogulrunnin
Seed: 10
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