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Game Details

Date/Time: TBA
Location: TBA
Winner: NoPainNoGain

NPNG (Allies) defeats CmdData (Axis+9) after a terific game. We ran 14 rounds and did not even get to see the loss of a capital. Already from round 1 the game was set for an untraditional setup, as Jap tranny survived against UK Des. On the other hand UK was successful on all other fronts. Slowly Allies built up a steady supplychain to RUS and could in the loan run help squeeze Jap back from ever creating a clear path to Moscows surrounding arreas. CmdData choose to surrender at this stage as he is leaving for vacation. The outcome seemed quite inevitable, but Ger still had something like 40-50 units in Germany, so it would take some time.
Name: CmdData
Seed: 3
(no notes entered)
Name: NoPainNoGain
Seed: 6
(no notes entered)

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