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Game Details

Date/Time: TBA
Location: TBA
Winner: epinikion

epinikion (allies) defeats tulkas (axis) by surrender in round31(!!).

story of the game: Germany (9bid) was able to take complete africa with few units early and purchased so much tanks that moscow fall in round11. But usa played 100% pacific and builded 4 factories in phi, bor, east indies and french indo. This was defended by about 40 russians as well retreated from moscow. together usa and uk take africa back. Japan was save but isolated, purchased only 1figther per round to support germany. germany builded fleet to pressure uk and may be usa, but uk blocked all landings supported by lot of usa air. once usa managed to destroy a mega germ fleet, germany just builded the next fleet (with 65-75 PU per round you can purchase a lot). but meanwhile usa was also at 65 PU income with some land in asia and germany was stressed by playing at two fronts: sea war in atlantic and land battle in asia. in round 31 usa attacked successful the mega persia stack and axis surrendered.
Name: tulkas
Seed: 7
(no notes entered)
Name: epinikion
Seed: 2
(no notes entered)

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