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Game Details

Date/Time: TBA
Location: TBA
Winner: epinikion

epinikion (allies) defeats npng (axis) in a great 24 round game. the special character of this t game included a lot of scenarios. First allies went for pacific, later changed to europe with usa factory in norway. when japan then grow stronger and stronger with income like 60+ allies were between germany and upcoming japan stack in a dangerous situation. But allies managed to double attack japan stack in caucasus and then changed again to pacific same time. japans air was all over map a dangerous weapon but usa captured the sea and mainland of asia, while germany comeback and went to pressure moscow. as allies lost moscow to germany japan was under pressure and uk and usa together attacked europe. In round 24 axis surrendered.
Name: NoPainNoGain
Seed: 6
(no notes entered)
Name: epinikion
Seed: 2
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