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Game Details

Date/Time: TBA
Location: TBA
Winner: epinikion

Well, it is the winner's prerogative to post the game result, but I see epinikion hasn't for 3 days, so I figured I would. Epinikion (Axis +9) defeats bayder (Allies) in Russia2 by surrender.

This game ended before it could really get started as the Russians experienced a loss of one of it's fighters after a failing on a 99% attack in Burytia (3 inf, 1 ftr against 1 inf, 1 tank...all units died). Against some opponents I would strive to overcome a 1% fluke result early in a game, but against a strong opponent like epi, it wasn't worth the struggle.
Name: bayder
Seed: 1
(no notes entered)
Name: epinikion
Seed: 2
(no notes entered)

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