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Game Details

Date/Time: TBA
Location: TBA
Winner: Toni_Ailton

Toni Ailton (Axis+9) wins over Blasherke (Allies) by surrender in round 10.

Facing a very aggressive Russian army, Germany took a while to establish good position in Europe, being forced to trade territories even with tanks. Fortunately, with Japan's aid, the axis managed to keep control of the Suez during the whole war, letting the Empire of the Rising Sun push its entire Navy into the Mediterranean by round 4.

The western Allies focussed on Western and Southern Europe, where they managed to absorb great parts of the German Army, although losing many of the invader's lives.
However, the attacks left the Reich with no choice but to turtle around their capital by round 9. Fortunately for the axis, this was the same round in which the beleaguered and air-less Red Army left Moscow in order to avoid getting crushed there by the immense Japan forces.

With Germany being able to hold its breath a little further with Japanese Air reinforcing, the yellow which already conquered africa were ready to overrun the rest of the world and the Allied defeat was only a matter of time.

It should be noted that the axis had very good dice in this one.
Name: Toni_Ailton
Seed: 8
(no notes entered)
Name: Blasherke
Seed: 9
(no notes entered)

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