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Game Details

Date/Time: TBA
Location: TBA
Winner: hammond

Kudos to cgkdesign for a great game and sportsmanship. In a nutshell, the allies won against an axis (9)bid. While Germany had some rough dice for the attrition battles throughout the game, Japan was growing in strength. Getting Japan's fleet in the Med. slowed USAs support to the Allied cause to a trickle. The high tide for Japan saw it just one or two units short from being able to plunder Russia after Caucaus fell. For the Allies' part, UK was fortunate to contain Germany, hold vital SE, and offer aid to Russia while USA finally took down the Japanese Med. fleet. Germany at that point was losing more than it could replace and the Axis made an honorable surrender.

It was a great game, fast paced, and I do want to shout out for cgk's sportsmanship. Pleasure to game with.
Name: hammond
Seed: 5
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Name: cgkdesign
Seed: 12
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