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For $10+ donations you can be included in the patrons list by entering your own name or multiple names or a business or organization (max length 50), or leave it blank for anonymous.

$155 $1,000
Donations are not tax deductible. Stripe.com fee will add 2.9% + 30ยข. Our ultimate goal is $10K total in donation funding, but we're starting with the easier to reach $1K for now and will progressively increase the thermometer goal as the smaller ones are achieved ... hopefully!


$10 Jacob and Raleigh
$10 Anonymous
$50 Anonymous
$25 Anonymous
$10 MidMonmouth Hoops
$50 Boston Catholic Athletics CYO

2024 GOALS

Let us know your wish list, too!

  • Support for Mobile Devices
  • Voting (to determine winners)
  • Team/Player Images
  • Event Registration and Ticketing
  • Featured Tournaments Blog Series

BracketMaker has been around since 1999 and in more than two decades we've never asked for help ... until now! That's because we have plans for a website makeover (including better support for mobile devices) and tons of new features and overall improvements. We want to do more than simply sustain the service and support.

If you've been using BracketMaker for a while or even if you're new here, you may have noticed there are no advertisements. Our prior experience with ads was that they are not just annoying, but they also potentially consume too much CPU power or memory, and can even be a security risk. Plus, many people use ad blockers.

We aim to sustain and grow our service via other means such as event registration and ticketing fees (work in progress), branding (see VirtualBrackets), custom feature requests, crowdfunding and donations from generous patrons, and maybe a select few product placements and sponsors if they're a good fit.

If you're interested in any of the above, email or use our Contact form.

Here's what we've accomplished already. Some of our new features were requested by users!

  • Upgraded Hosting! Our new cloud hosting environment is high availability triple replicated across three physically distinct servers, located in InMotion Hosting's major datacenter in Los Angeles with much more reliable upstream major backbones, and has even more CPU power, memory, disk space, and upgraded software.
  • Internal Code Modernizations
  • Improved Contact Form
  • Improved Captcheck
  • Improved Login Form
  • Increased Bot Protection
  • Improved Bye Calculations for Prediction Leaderboards
  • Improved Timezone Support
  • Improved Edit My Profile Form
  • Improved DateTime Input
  • New Feature: Reset Password
  • Improved Seeding of Same Order as Entered
  • Enabled Quick Setup for 128 Teams
  • Workaround for Apple's Copy Link Security
  • Minor Bug Fixes

Here's what we accomplished this year. Some of our new features were requested by users!

  • Improved Setup: Team names entry with auto-seeding options!
  • New: Duplicate a Bracket
  • Support for all time zones
  • Correct predictions now highlighted in yellow
  • Centered pages instead of ye olde left-aligned
  • Improved bracket notes
  • Improved instructions for how to predict brackets
  • Improved instructions for how to print brackets
  • Improved 64-team semi-final and champion headers
  • Improved Bracket Templates
  • Calculate and display Perfect Score in prediction leaderboards
  • New Date/Time Pickers
  • Captcheck for protection against bots
  • Improved Security
  • Fixed Bugs
  • Upgraded Server Software
  • Automated App Testing via Cypress

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