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2009 NCAA Wishlist Tournament

Organization: ncaaStrategies NCAA Wishlist Tournament
Publisher: The Gaming Tailgate

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Bracket Notes: If you were to ask the 100 fans of the NCAA Football series to list their top 5 feature requests, you'd likely come up with 100 completely different answers. That's a problem that Tiburon faces every year as they're developing the franchise, "Sure there are 100 wishlist items, but which ones are truly the most important?"

The group behind the scenes on the forums have been working on a way to determine exactly that with help from the community. Our idea, sparked by Utopian jobob, is to have a March Madness style tournament of 64 wishlist items going head to head until we can ultimately proclaim our top choices.

Our setup is simple. Two wishlist items will be matched up in their own poll thread. Users will vote for their preference of the two to determine which item moves on to the next round. Beginning on Monday August 24th we will post 16 matchups that you will vote on. These will remain open for three days and then the next set of 16 matchups will be posted. We will continue on until we narrow it down to our top wishlist item. As you're voting, be sure to thoroughly read the description of each, otherwise you may misinterpret something; we will not change votes because you voted incorrectly.

Since the NCAA team is currently ramping up their development process now, we'll need to move swiftly in order for them to receive this information and be able to put it to good use. Therefore, be sure to check the boards as often as possible so that you can keep up on the latest matchups. Once a poll is closed, you will no longer be able to vote to share your opinion.

The selection committee (cdj & gschwendt) ranked each of the wishlist items 1-16 based on four characteristics:

* Community feedback - how many are requesting the item
* Potential impact - how big of a change it will make to the game
* Recent updates to it or similar modes - If something hasn't been touched in a long time, it jumped higher and vice versa
* Feasibility - how likely the developers would be able to implement a feature

This was a very hard process, much harder than myself or cdj thought it would be. How do you determine what should be ranked higher when two requests are very different but mean just as much to two different groups? We feel that we were able to tap into all groups and get a good grasp on what is important overall. However, just because an item is ranked lower, does not mean it's not as important to you or someone else. With your help, that's what this tournament will determine.

To kick things off, Thursday (8/20) I'll post four matchups of eight items that we ranked at 16. These will be play-in matchups to determine who will ultimately be paired against the #1 ranked requests in the first round. This will also help give you a feel for how the format will work. Then, beginning on Monday the full tournament will begin.

We're really excited about this and truly believe this will finally help make our voice and wishes more clear not just for NCAA Football 11 but for the franchise going forward. In order for it to be a success, we'll need as much involvement as possible. We ask that everyone here take the few minutes out of their day to vote on the polls but also be sure to spread the word. The more people that we have voting, the more impact the polls can make.

To participate in this tournament, follow the link above for Organization link above.
(1) Formation Subs
(16) Deeper Recruiting
Formation Subs
In-depth Training
Coaching Carousel
Medical Redshirts
(1) Coaching Carousel
(16) Duplicate Numbers
(8) OD Conf & Job Offers
(9) In-depth Training
Formation Subs
Weak/Strong Positions
Coaching Carousel
Better Defensive Playbooks
(8) Create-a-Stadium
(9) Medical Redshirts
(4) True No-Huddle Offense
(13) Contracted Schedules
True No-Huddle Offense
Weak/Strong Positions
Better Defensive Playbooks
Access OD via Web
(4) Better Defensive Playbooks
(13) Wider Offensive Line Splits
(5) More/Custom Camera Angles
(12) Weak/Strong Positions
(5) Access OD via Web
(12) DLC Uniforms
(2) Create-a-Play
(15) Online 4+ Player
Better CPU Playcalling
Correct Option Blocking
More & Unique Animations
(2) Correct Option Blocking
(15) Bowl Patches
(7) Better CPU Playcalling
(10) Online Lobby Scouting Report
Better CPU Playcalling
Highlist Shows
Correct Option Blocking
Special Teams Overhaul
(7) More & Unique Animations
(10) In-Game Saves
(3) Highlist Shows
(14) OD Spectator Mode
Highlist Shows
Progressive Weather
Special Teams Overhaul
More Slider Options
(3) Special Teams Overhaul
(14) Bama Helmet Numbers
(6) Use Dynasty Teams Online
(11) Progressive Weather
(6) More Slider Options
(11) Spring Game
(1) Custom Playbooks
(16) Sliders in EA Locker
Custom Playbooks
Better CPU Recruiting
Team Entrances
9 Man Gang Tackles
(1) Team Entrances
(16) Select New Playbook in Practice
(8) Practice Scrimmage
(9) Better CPU Recruiting
Custom Playbooks
Better Crowd
Team Entrances
Team Celebrations
(8) 9 Man Gang Tackles
(9) Online Roster Editor
(4) Editable Coaches
(13) Online Co-Op
Editable Coaches
Better Crowd
Team Celebrations
Neutral Site Games
(4) Team Celebrations
(13) Fumble Pile-Up
(5) Better Crowd
(12) Custom Quick Audibles
(5) Replace FCS with TB
(12) Neutral Site Games
(2) New Equipment
(15) Update Conf Logos
New Equipment
In-game Season Commentary
Cut Scenes
New QB Ratings
(2) Cut Scenes
(15) Selectable Captains & Impacts
(7) DB Matchup
(10) In-game Season Commentary
In-game Season Commentary
Player Punishment/Morale
New QB Ratings
Better Offensive Playbooks
(7) New QB Ratings
(10) Online Depth Charts
(3) Real NCAA Clock Rules
(14) Old School Offenses
Real NCAA Clock Rules
Player Punishment/Morale
On Field Refs & Coaches
Better Offensive Playbooks
(3) On Field Refs & Coaches
(14) Continue Dynasty
(6) More Stadium Sounds
(11) Player Punishment/Morale
(6) Better Offensive Playbooks
(11) Better Fatigue System

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