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2012 NCAA Tournament Projections

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Second Round
Third Round
Regional Semi-Finals
Regional Semi-Finals
Third Round
Second Round
(16)Mississippi Valley St(SWAC)/Vermont(AEast)
Winner of 17
Winner of 18
(1)North Carolina
(16)Lamar(SLC)/Western Kentucky(SBelt)
Winner of 33
Winner of 34
Winner of 41
Winner of 42
(5)Murray St(OVC)
(12)NC State/California
(12)Southern Mississippi
(13)Saint Bonaventure(A10)
Regional Finals
(6)San Diego St
(11)Virginia Commonwealth(CAA)
(6)Wichita St
(11)Colorado St
Winner of 35
Winner of 36
Winner of 43
Winner of 44
(15)Long Island University(NEC)
National Semi-Finals
National Championship
National Semi-Finals
(2)Ohio St
(1)Michigan St(B10)
(16)Norfolk St(MEAC)
Winner of 37
Winner of 38
Winner of 45
Winner of 46
(12)South Florida/Drexel
(5)New Mexico(MWest)
(4)Florida St(ACC)
(13)South Dakota St(Summit)
Regional Finals
(6)Saint Mary's(WCC)
(11)Long Beach St(BWest)
Winner of 39
Winner of 40
Winner of 47
Winner of 48
(14)New Mexico St(WAC)

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