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Great NJ Craft Beer Bracket

Location: New Jersey
Organization: NJ101.5

Times are displayed in your local time zone:

Magnify Brewing Company
Departed Soles Brewing Company
Winner of 1
Winner of 2
Bolero Snot Brewery
High Point Brewing Company
Winner of 17
Winner of 18
Cricket Hill Brewing Co.
New Jersey Beer Company
Winner of 3
Winner of 4
Winner of 25
Winner of 26
Brix City Brewing
Angry Erik Brewing
River Horse Brewing Company
Screamin' Hill Brewery
Winner of 5
Winner of 6
Winner of 29
Winner of 30
Demented Brewing Company
Flounder Brewing Co.
Winner of 19
Winner of 20
Cypress Brewing Company
Lone Eagle Brewing
Winner of 7
Winner of 8
Conclave Brewing
Third State Brewing
Carton Brewing Company
Pinelands Brewing Company
Winner of 9
Winner of 10
Kane Brewing Company
Ship Bottom Brewery
Winner of 21
Winner of 22
Cape May Brewing Company
Little Dog Brewing Co.
Winner of 11
Winner of 12
Winner of 27
Winner of 28
Beach Haus Brewery
Dark City Brewing Company
Lunacy Brewing Company
Flying Fish Brewery
Winner of 13
Winner of 14
Tonewood Brewing
Kelly Green Brewing Co.
Winner of 23
Winner of 24
Three 3's Brewing Co.
Winner of 15
Winner of 16
Brotherton Brewing Company
Devil's Creek Brewery

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