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Anime March Madness - Anime March Madness

Organization: Beneath the Tangles

(Click on the links in the bracket for more details.)

Opening Round
Sweet 16
Elite 8
Final 4
 (1)FMA: Brotherhood
Game 1 Details
 FMA: Brotherhood
Game 17 Details
Attack on Titan
 (4)Attack on Titan
Game 2 Details
(5)Death note
 FMA: Brotherhood
Game 25 Details
My Hero Academia
 (3)Naruto Shippuden
Game 3 Details
(6)Angel Beats
 Naruto Shippuden
Game 18 Details
My Hero Academia
 FMA: Brotherhood
Game 29 Details
Cowboy Bebop
 (2)My Hero Academia
Game 4 Details
(7)Assassination Classroom
 (2)Food Wars
Game 5 Details
 Food Wars
Game 19 Details
One Punch Man
 FMA: Brotherhood
Game 31 Details
Violet Evergarden
 (3)One Punch Man
Game 6 Details
 One Punch Man
Game 26 Details
Cowboy Bebop
Game 7 Details
(5)Cowboy Bebop
 Cowboy Bebop
Game 20 Details
Mob Psycho 100
Game 8 Details
(8)Mob Psycho 100
 (1)Your Lie in April
Game 9 Details
(8)Clannad / Clannad After Story
 Your Lie in April
Game 21 Details
Ancient Magus Bride
 (4)Ancient Magus Bride
Game 10 Details
(5)Serial Experiments Lain
 Your Lie in April
Game 27 Details
 (3)One Piece
Game 11 Details
Game 22 Details
Rurouni Kenshin
 Your Lie in April
Game 30 Details
Violet Evergarden
 (2)Rurouni Kenshin
Game 12 Details
 (2)Violet Evergarden
Game 13 Details
(7)That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime
 Violet Evergarden
Game 23 Details
Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny...
 (3)Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny...
Game 14 Details
(6)Megalo Box
 Violet Evergarden
Game 28 Details
Fairy Tail
 (4)Goblin Slayer
Game 15 Details
(5)Cells at Work
 Cells at Work
Game 24 Details
Fairy Tail
 (1)Fairy Tail
Game 16 Details
(8)A Place Further Than the Universe


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