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Barred in DC Bar Madness

Organization: Barred in DC

Times are displayed in your local time zone:

(1)The Pug
(16)The Big Stick
The Pug
Tunnicliff's Tavern
Jack Rose
Red Derby
(1)Jack Rose
(16)Jackie Lee's
(8)Player's Lounge (Congress Heights)
(9)Tunnicliff's Tavern
The Pug
Lost & Found
Red Derby
(8)Red Derby
(9)The Passenger
(5)Brookland Pint
(12)Lost & Found
Lost & Found
Beuchert's Saloon
H St Country Club
(12)Dan's Cafe
(4)Beuchert's Saloon
(13)Jimmy Valentine's
(4)H St Country Club
(13)Dew Drop Inn
(15)Pitchers/A League of Her Own
Garden District
Boundary Stone
Wonderland Ballrom
(2)Boundary Stone
(7)Garden District
(10)The Pub & the People
All Souls
Boundary Stone
Ivy & Coney
(7)Wonderland Ballrom
(10)The Dubliner
(3)All Souls
(14)Walter's Sports Bar
All Souls
Franklin Hall
Ivy & Coney
The Brig
(3)Ivy & Coney
(14)Duke's Foggy Bottom
(6)Franklin Hall
(11)Last Call
(11)The Brig
(1)Copycat Co.
(16)The Blaguard
The Blaguard
Midlands Beer Garden
The Queen Vic
Columbia Room
(1)The Queen Vic
(16)The Raven Grill
(8)Midlands Beer Garden
(9)The Sovereign
The Blaguard
The Queen Vic
DC Reynolds
(8)Columbia Room
(9)Reliable Tavern
(12)The Gin Joint (Woodley Park)
Looking Glass Lounge
Old Ebbitt Grill
DC Reynolds
(5)Old Ebbitt Grill
(12)Dodge City
(4)Looking Glass Lounge
(13)Hill Prince
(4)DC Reynolds
(13)The Green Zone
(2)Little Miss Whiskey's
(15)Lyman's Tavern
Little Miss Whiskey's
The Big Hunt
McClellan's Tavern
(2)The Big Hunt
(15)Nanny O'Brien's
(10)Service Bar
Little Miss Whiskey's
American Ice Co.
The Big Hunt
Showtime Lounge
(7)Dacha Shaw
(10)McClellan's Tavern
(3)American Ice Co.
(14)Brookland's Finest
American Ice Co.
Tune Inn
Showtime Lounge
(3)Free State
(14)Showtime Lounge
(6)Tune Inn
(6)Union Trust

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