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1988 Greater Middlesex Conference Boys Basketball Tournament

Location: Rutgers Athletic Center
Organization: Greater Middlesex Conference
Publisher: GMC Hoops

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Bracket Notes: Third year of the GMCT. My senior year in high school at South Plainfield. Yes, I was a reserve on 1987-88 SPHS boys hoops team that played in this tournament as the 16th seed. All Games were played at neutral sites even in the first round. Information is courtesy of the Metuchen-Edison Review editions of February 19th, 26th, and March 4th, 1988.
First Round
First Round
(1)St. Peter's (17-2)
(16)South Plainfield (10-10)
St. Peter's (17-2)
Perth Amboy (13-8)
Carteret (15-6)
Metuchen (17-3)
St. Joseph's (17-3)
Carteret (15-6)
(2)St. Joseph's (17-3)
(15)East Brunswick (9-13)
(8)Woodbridge (14-6)
(9)Perth Amboy (13-8)
(7)Carteret (15-6)
(10)South Brunswick (13-7)
(4)J.F. Kennedy (10-6)
(13)P-Way Tech (16-7)
J.F. Kennedy (10-6)
Cedar Ridge (11-9)
J.P. Stevens (14-5)
Metuchen (17-3)
(3)J.P. Stevens (14-5)
(14)North Brunswick (10-10)
(5)New Brunswick Tech (14-4)
(12)Cedar Ridge (11-9)
(6)Metuchen (17-3)
(11)Highland Park (12-8)

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